Fresh Air Cooling

One of the core benefits Elm Data Center provides its customers - reduce your total power consumption, utilizing outside air. Elm Data Center is only one of many facilities and organizations thinking this way, and advantages such as these help the environment and are more cost effective.

Committed To Clean Efficiency

Elm Data Center helps control sprawl and eliminates the high emissions that result from any new construction. Our backup generator runs on natural gas, which is cleaner and requires less maintenance. Also, our backup UPS flywheel operates at 97% efficiency, and eliminates the environmental problem of battery disposal.
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Forward-Thinking Infrastructure

In Buffalo, Elm Data Center is designed from the ground up, to provide internet-grade capacity for today and tomorrow’s hosting requirements. Check out our expansive, factory-sized space that is optimized for operating efficiency!

Northern Climate Efficiency

By reducing the need for expensive air cooling processes, we offer lower operating costs and a lighter environmental footprint than hosting services from warmer climates. As Elm Data Center typically has access to an abundant natural resource — cool northern air.

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    Experience the Elm Data Center difference

    When choosing a partner for colocation or hosting, you have many options. But very few in the country can match what Elm Data Center brings to the table.

    Combining tried-and-true construction principles with state-of-the-art technology, we’ve created a facility that produces a significantly lighter environmental footprint – without sacrificing performance or reliability. Our vision is to pioneer the next generation of data centers. And we look forward to working with organizations who share our commitment to eco-conscious IT and business.

    What sets us apart

    Our Unique Features

    Just a few ways Elm Data Center delivers a fresh approach to colocation and hosting.

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    Ecology-Based Design

    From cold aisle containment to natural gas backup generators, we’ve created one of the most energy-efficient server centers in the US.
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    Fresh-Air Cooling

    Elm Data Center has the ability to reduce power consumption of IT equipment by using outside air to cool it rather than resource consuming closed air conditioning systems.
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    Load-Based Pricing

    With our sophisticated server monitoring systems, we offer lower pricing based on highly accurate assessments of each server’s actual use of system resources.

    Intelligent Infrastructure

    We enable our customers to see facility metrics like temperature, humidity, power source, overall power characteristics, network latency, for their own network utilization.

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