The Reason Behind It

Forward Facing Philosophy

Throughout the design, build out and operation of our data center we maintain a mindset of both looking to support coming technologies, but also a deep awareness (bordering on paranoia) of what might fail. This leads us to view data centers not strictly in the old school raised floor computer rooms sense, but more holistically from concrete slab to ceiling with constant attention paid to all things in between. Fortunately this perspective also affords us with opportunities to focus on innovative and resilient design beyond the traditional raised floor and closed HVAC system approaches of our forebears.


Redundant Overhead Power Busbars

We chose this option due to their inherent flexibility and overhead fiber/cable distribution and management for inspect-ability and long term maintainability.

Long Term Maintenance

AT EDC, we pay attention to every detail and build out operation with long term in mind. For example, our power conductors are not in a position to rub against metal in any conduit transition. Why? Because over time the insulation on the conductors can break down and introduce opportunity for faults. We think ahead, and that helps everyone.

Overhead Ductwork & Pod Design

At Elm Data Center, we have much better control over air distribution and aren’t fighting the laws of physics by trying to push cold air up.

Elm Data Center

Your premier option as an environmentally-friendly, modern colocation and hosting facility located in Buffalo, NY.


Forward-Thinking Infrastructure

Advanced constructs like fresh air cooling, hot aisle containment, overhead busbar power distribution, cable management and distribution, and highly advanced instrumentation and monitoring. We can handle all your data hosting needs!
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Northern Climate Location

While we may be subject to low snowy temperatures during the winter months and warm, humid summer temperatures, we maintain a vigilant maintenance program to ensure that we will not succumb to weather any time soon.
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Elm Datacenter is the better option for you or your business!