Load-Based Pricing

Reduced Energy = Reduced Pricing

With our hot aisle containment pod design and sophisticated server monitoring systems, Elm Data Center is able to offer lower hosting and colocation pricing based on highly accurate assessments of each server’s actual use of system resources.

Power and cooling are significant factors affecting the total cost of hosting and colocation, and their overall contribution to costs is certain to continue their upward climb due to increasing rack density and decreasing component size. By implementing our sustainable, ecology-based design we are able to significantly lower the ever-growing energy demands from cooling more powerful server systems — savings that are reflected in our hosting and colocation pricing.

Actual vs. Capacity Billing

Most colocation providers price their services based on the capacity of the circuits provided. At EDC we take an advanced instrumentation approach that more accurately assess actual system use. We monitor power from the transfer switch to the outlet. We track temperature at 12 points per rack and throughout the room and HVAC system and outside. Similarly we record and analyze other resource utilization like network bandwidth, latency, service availability and compute resource utilization. We enable our customers to see the relevant metrics, trends and statuses through rich visualizations on our customer portal.

Analytic and “Carbon Footprint” Reporting

Not only can we use our data tracking to create more accurate, lower pricing options, but we also make that data available so customers can evaluate their system’s performance. This system “intelligence” allows customers to identify resource use and pro-actively address potential trouble spots, as well as create charts and assemble dashboards containing metrics of interest.

A Hosting Service You Can Grow With

Elm Data Center offers 1U, fractional and full rack hosting as well as caged pods of racks or private suites. With 4160 volt primary grid service (scalable to 1MW) plenty of fiber and bandwidth options, and an excess of whitespace for expansion, EDC can easily accommodate fast growing businesses.

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