Uptime Assessment

Natural Disaster Low-Risk Area

Uptime Institute Regional Assessment

The Uptime Institute (now a part of 451 Research) published this: Natural Disaster Risk white paper assessing the United States as a whole for the various risk factors one should consider when selecting a location for mission critical assets.

Buffalo, while not in the lowest risk regions, is, through its years and years of practice, functionally a very low risk region for a properly designed and constructed data center. Western NY is at low risk of Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tornados. While we certainly do receive our fair share (though not as much as we used too) of snow, wind and thunderstorms, these risks are very manageable. Elm Data Center is situated on emergency snow routes (which are first to be plowed) and we have personnel which live within walking distance of the facility should weather conditions prevent others from getting to work. Our facility has been standing solidly for over 100 years suffering no issues due to snow, wind or rain. We maintain a vigilant maintenance program to ensure that we will not succumb to weather any time soon.

East Coast Data Centers - Low-Risk Region


Downtown Buffalo

Elm Data Center, located in Buffalo, New York on the east coast, has access to an abundant natural resource, the cool North American air.
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Operating Costs

Lower For You

EDC has the ability to offer lower operating costs, because we produce a lighter environmental footprint than other hosting services located in warmer areas.
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Advanced Constructs

Hot Air Containment

EDC’s hot air containment design creates a uniform and predictable air flow that increases cooling efficiency, and much more. Ask us for details!
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At Elm Data Center,

Using outside air coupled with an HVAC system, we help our clients servers consume less electricity overall, thus reducing the total cost of their IT equipment and workloads.


Advanced Colocation

Better service, and better results. Don’t incur the cost of creating infrastructure and other expenses, when we can handle that for you.
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Hosting Facility

With our hosting services housed in a cool climate, protected facility - you can focus on other business essentials, and day-to-day business.
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Why Choose Us

Our Unique Solutions

Your best choice for dedicated server hosting and colocation services.

Group 5

Ecology-Based Design

From cold aisle containment to natural gas backup generators, we’ve created one of the most energy-efficient server centers in the US.
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Fresh-Air Cooling

Elm Data Center has the ability to reduce power consumption of IT equipment by using outside air to cool it rather than resource consuming closed air conditioning systems.

Intelligent Infrastructure

We enable our customers to see facility metrics like temperature, humidity, power source, overall power characteristics, network latency, for their own network utilization.
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Load-Based Pricing

With our sophisticated server monitoring systems, we offer lower pricing based on highly accurate assessments of each server’s actual use of system resources.

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